Brexit is Becoming Reality – The Must Know for Trade Mark Owners

The U.K. is that much closer to Brexit. Having recently communicated the date to set Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty in motion –¬†which triggers the formal split from the European Union. Prime Minister May is expected to begin the Brexit process on Wednesday, 29 March 2017. The subsequent 2-year period of negotiation with the European Union will ultimately reveal the destiny of the many millions of registered Community Trade Marks covering the United Kingdom. Negotiations will include discussions on the process to convert EUIPO applications and registrations into UK applications and registrations.

Brexit may mean your Community Trade Mark and Design registrations are not enforceable anymore

After completion of the BREXIT process, EUIPO registrations may not be enforceable in the UK and separate protection may be required for the EU and UK. Accordingly, to maintain protection for trade marks and registered designs in the UK, owners may need to convert their current EUIPO registrations to UK registrations.

IP SERVICE INTERNATIONAL has positioned itself by launching its central London office just in time for the forthcoming transition. Community Trade Mark owners trading in the U.K are encouraged to consider filing national U.K. Trade Marks to secure their Intellectual Property.

IP SERVICE INTERNATIONAL are experts in cross-border intellectual property matters. Our consultants are specialised in Trade Mark Portfolio Strategy as well as International Trade Mark Protection and Defense.

To maintain a comprehensive IP protection, we recommend to consider to the following:

  • For applications filed with EUIPO within the last six months, consider filing a UK application claiming priority from the EUIPO application.
  • In addition, for an EUIPO trade mark or design application to be filed in the future, consider filing a separate UK application.
  • Have your IP counsel appraise your current EUIPO portfolio to ensure conversion to the UK system is seamless. This should include an analysis of current and planned future use of registered trade marks and designs as they may not be required for the UK or Europe respectively.
  • Budget for the upcoming changes, you can assume that the upcoming conversion will trigger costs.

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