How to Choose an Intellectual Property Law Firm

Intellectual property is easier than ever to steal, with digital technology facilitating an environment where work can be shared around and published without credit or your knowledge. An infringement on your intellectual property has serious consequences, causing financial loss as well as damage to the authenticity and credibility of your work.

It is important to engage an intellectual property firm to take steps to protect your work as soon as possible. Here are a few of the things you should look for when choosing a firm.

Intellectual Property Law Firm

Experience and Expertise

An IP consultant requires an advanced knowledge of national and international intellectual property laws. You want to engage a consultant that can tailor an IP protection strategy to your relevant jurisdictions, which could range anywhere from the state of New South Wales to 200 different countries, depending on your business.

You want an expert that can manage the different sets of legislation that may have to be considered. Do some research on the consultants at the firm by googling them or looking them up on LinkedIn.


Cost is a big concern for a lot of people looking for an IP consultant. It’s easy to get dissuaded when you hear about some of the fees charged by intellectual property experts. Remember that these fees often vary significantly based on the type of case. Meet with a consultant to get a more accurate idea of what kind of costs you might be facing and what kind of payment plans are available.


Timeliness is incredibly important when dealing with intellectual property issues. If you are at risk of copyright infringement or haven’t registered a great logo design or trademark, every moment of inaction dramatically increases the chances of the problem escalating.

You want an IP firm that is responsive and achieves quick turnarounds. That includes returning your phone calls promptly, keeping you updated on the status of your case and communicating with you regularly during the course of your partnership. However, it is also important to remember that good experts are busy.


Like many professional industries, intellectual property experts are known for their reputation. Ask around to see if anyone you know has ever had a need for an intellectual property consultant, and ask them what their experience was like. You can often find testimonials on an IP firm’s website. You want to see a reputation for honesty and a strong track record of producing good results for their clients.


Find a firm that takes a relationship building approach to working with clients rather than a transactional one. You want to work with an IP consultant that is easy to understand and provides clear solutions. Engaging an IP consultant is often a long relationship, so you want to build trust and feel comfortable and confident their abilities and approaches.

Meet with the Consultant

The best way to choose an intellectual property consultancy is to meet the experts and discuss your case. You can find out the exact scope of the issues you are facing as well as interviewing them to see if they meet the criteria discussed above.

Our expert IP consultants tick all the boxes, creating a tailored IP strategy based on a proven track record of protecting intellectual property globally. We have a simple, creative, affordable and timely approach. Explore our services or contact us today