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We Are Experts for Intellectual Property Protection in China

  • Experienced domestic trademark attorneys in China
    Our Chinese Trade Mark Attorneys have over 20 years experience in protecting Intellectual Property rights in China
  • Be Aware of the First-to-File Rule in China
    Under the First-to-File Rule, the person or company to file a trade mark application first is generally granted the right to that trade mark and can stop others from using it
  • Chinese Language Trade Marks
    Protect your brand in both English and Chinese language for maximum protection
  • Required Documents
    Corporation: Business Registration Certificate, Individual: Identity Documents, Signed Power of Attorney
  • Timeline
    Lodgement: within 24 hours | Examination: after approx. 9 months | Publication: for 3 months | Issuance of Certificate: after approx. 12-14 months | Renewal: after 10 years
  • Further China IP Services
    China Copyright & Design Registration | China Customs IP Protection | Chinese/English Non-Disclosure, Non-Use, Non-Circumvention Agreements (NNN)

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“IP Service International have been more than helpful with my trade mark registration and subsequent advice. I have no hesitation in recommending them for their professional service, great communication and reasonable prices.”
— Conor McCaffrey | Vitalis Healthcare, 2018
“IP Service International is among the most dynamic and responsive IP Offices we ever worked with. People are well educated and know their business, they are perfectly linked around the globe and there is barely an IP topic where IP Service International can't provide a well-thought solution.”
— Imran Mehic | Sultan Drinks, 2017
“When we contacted IP Service International to register our business name and logo in Australia we were relieved to receive an extremely professional and prompt service. We are appreciative of the assistance and would recommend anyone looking to secure their intellectual property contact IP Service International.”
— Fiona Gilbert | Containerco Pty Ltd, 2017
“Thank you for a reliable service and excellent communication along the way.”
— Andreas Kent Giessler | German-Australian Chamber of Industry & Commerce, 2016

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We offer an end-to-end range of protective services for your trademark, both preventative and responsive, including brand, logo and copyright registration and ongoing support services.

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