Copyright Protection

Copyright Lawyers Sydney

Copyright is the protection of literary and artistic works e.g. poems, novels, music, paintings and cinematographic works. In contrast to industrial property rights (e.g. trademarks, designs and patents), copyright is an un-certifiable intellectual property right. This means there isn’t a central body or government authority that holds a register.

In Australia and all member states of the Berne Convention, which is an international agreement governing copyright, protection is free and automatic. It commences as soon as a work is created.

Major Commercial and Property Issues

Copyright is also a very important, crucial and often contentious right. Infringements can be worth millions of dollars, and global litigation is frequently making headline news around the world.

Managing your copyright and protecting your business interests is, therefore, an absolute must. It’s necessary to formalise your copyright to clearly and unequivocally establish your ownership of copyright materials and related rights. The legal issues related to copyrights can be highly demanding, including a range of technicalities depending on your artistic or professional medium.

Proving Your Ownership

The owner of a copyright has to be able to demonstrate evidence of ownership in order to enforce their copyright against third parties. This is also important for managing issues like royalties for use of copyrighted materials and other commercial interests. Our specialists will work with you to develop an appropriate strategy to ensure you are well protected and defended.

For example – one way to protect your copyright is to obtain a ‘Notarial Escrow Certificate’, which will act as proof that you are the rightful owner. This certificate will be deposited in digitally coded format.

We can also assist you in drafting contracts and third party negotiations in relation to the exploitation of your copyrights e.g. through licensing, compensation, merchandising, financing and joint venture arrangements.

Speak to one of our experts and let us know how we can help you protect your valuable copyrighted materials. We’ll be happy to assist and guide you through the modern minefield of copyright issues to ensure that your rights are managed and protected.