Intellectual Property Audit and Evaluation

Auditing, evaluating and development are all vital factors in the strategic management of IP assets and intellectual property protection.

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IP Services International assists Australian businesses with all kinds of intellectual property needs. This includes brand name registration, copyright registration, how to patent a design, international trademarks, and similar intellectual property protection matters.

Intellectual Property Audit

An IP audit is a systematic audit of assets to establish their current market value. Like all business assets, intellectual property values may vary significantly over time.

It is critically important to establish accurate values for intellectual properties. These assets represent core property values for many businesses related to products, technologies, research and development.

Intellectual Property Evaluation

Evaluation of IP assets involving researching and assessing the current market value and potential value of intellectual properties. This process provides information for planning, strategic management and asset development.

Evaluation of IP assets includes:

  • Establishment of accurate values for the current and potential worth of IP assets
  • Assessing IP assets relative to market position and demand
  • Evaluating IP revenue potential and cost issues
  • Integrated evaluation of both individual IP assets and IP portfolios to present a clear, verified profile of IP potential for growth and revenue


Our Intellectual Property Audit and Evaluation Services

IP Services International is a leading intellectual property firm. We conduct audits and evaluations of intellectual properties for all types of businesses. We deliver an accurate statement of the value of IP assets based on strong, reliable data. Our audits are backed up by hard statistical and financial data and proven market values.

We also provide expert advice, guidance, and support services for our clients, covering all aspects of IP management. As a global company, we can provide assistance for Australian businesses around the world on a needs basis.

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