Intellectual Property Enforcement

Intellectual property enforcement has historically been an expensive issue for Australian businesses. Many Australian businesses have been severely affected by IP enforcement issues in recent years, incurring significant financial losses.

Intellectual Property Enforcement Australia

IP enforcement must be conducted rigorously and effectively and it may contain several degrees of difficulty, depending on different jurisdictions and different types of breaches of IP rights. In the past, Australian businesses have been disadvantaged in terms of IP enforcement, particularly by overseas interests and the complexity of IP laws.

Intellectual Property Enforcement Overview

Best practice for Australian businesses is intellectual property protection, including enforcement of IP rights. IP enforcement can also provide useful intellectual property protection by resolving disputes or creating a precedent for protecting IP rights.

Enforcement issues may include:

  • Trademarks
  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • Designs


Practical IP Enforcement

To enforce IP rights, you must first establish the rights of the IP owner and then take legal and/or negotiated steps to resolve breaches. Many IP enforcement issues can be very complex and require a practical, cost-effective approach to resolution.

IP Service International provides IP enforcement consultation services for Australian businesses on a global basis. We operate in 220 countries around the world and we can provide effective assistance with intellectual property protection and enforcement on that basis.

IP Service International offers a full range of consultancy services for practical enforcement solutions. As a leading global IP firm, we can provide both appropriate expertise and international enforcement for Australian businesses.

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