Logo Design

IP Service International can help you to design your logo and manage the associated intellectual property (IP) rights. Your logo is a key visual presence in your business and it’s also a type of intellectual property. Consider the logos you see regularly, like those of major corporations or designer logos. A good logo delivers instant recognition.

Your logo is the public face of your business. It is part of the relationship between your customers and your company and it is directly associated with your products and services.  All elements of a logo, including colours, shapes, and words, form an integral part of your brand.

Logo Design Fundamentals

The realities of design can be complex, involving trademarks, intellectual property rights, and a range of possibly contentious issues:

  • A logo must be unique. It must not infringe on other logos or trademarks and their intellectual property rights.
  • A logo must be practical and usable in a range of different media, from your products to your invoices and TV commercials.
  • A logo must stand out and deliver strong recognition for your brand.
  • Company logo registration is a way of protecting and enforcing IP rights for your logo and associated corporate properties, like promotions, as well as products.


Logo Design in Australia by IP Service International

We offer a full range of IP development and management services in Australia. We can help you with logo design and IP management for your logo. We can also assist with related IP, integrating your logo with your IP, and intellectual property protection.

Managing Your Logo and IP on a Global Scale

As supranational intellectual property firm, we can also help you to manage your IP rights outside Australia. If you’re an exporter or are building a business profile or brand internationally, talk to us. We can deliver all the services you need to manage your IP globally. We provide services for companies in more than 220 countries around the world.

Get in Touch

If you’d like to discuss logo design or company logo registration in Sydney, call us on +61 (02) 9152 8612 or contact us online to speak directly to our experts. We’ll be happy to provide guidance regarding design options and IP portfolio integration for your business.