Other Services

Apart from protection of trademark, copyright and registered designs we can help you with the following IP services, including but not limited to:

  • Evaluation of existing intellectual property (trademarks, registered design rights, copyright, trade secrets etc.)
  • Development of a tailored IP protection strategy / IP Portfolio setup
  • Advice in relation to all IP matters
  • Naming Services (We can help you to develop a brand name for you.)
  • Comprehensive similarity and identity searches in various countries around the globe for trademarks and registered design rights
  • IP Portfolio Monitoring
  • IP Portfolio Management (Renewal/ Administration/ Updates, Trademark Cancellation and Opposition Proceedings )
  • Independent Advice with regard to any IP issues
  • Enforcement of IP rights locally, nationally and internationally in over 220 countries using an extended network of affiliates
  • Drafting Letters of Demand in IP infringement matters
  • Barrister briefings in IP matters

Should you have any other enquiry about your Intellectual Property, that is not to be found on our website, please feel free to call us or fill in our Contact Us form and we will provide you with immediate advice.