Trade Mark Monitoring

So, you did the right thing, you registered your Trade Mark.

The good news, you now have the strongest possible protection for your brand and the monopoly on using it as your badge of origin of the goods and services associated with it (class dependent) in the country(ies) of registration.

The bad news, it doesn’t stop here.

It is a common occurrence that some businesses take advantage of the reputation of well established, successful brands that other businesses have spent time and resources developing. Timely action and opposition in response to this type of activity is critical, to minimise potential damage done to your reputation and valuable brand.

It is up to each Trade Mark owner to ensure the mark is not infringed upon.

Trade Mark Monitoring

IP Service International have established a Trade Mark Monitoring Service with the sole purpose of reducing the risk of third party infringements. Specifically, it is geared towards preventing the registration of substantially identical or confusingly similar trade marks owned by you.

We develop tailored strategies to identify all new and existing Trade Mark applications that are substantially identical or confusingly similar to your trade mark(s) in the relevant countries.  Search results and analysis are reported monthly to allow for the submission of timely oppositions.

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Other Complementary Monitoring Services

In a market place where a trend can almost overnight turn into a global phenomena, companies that have there ‘finger on the pulse’ and are proactive in there approach to knowing the market and their industry will succeed. Here are some simple tools that can assist with the strategic response to market and/ or competitor trends.

Industry Trend Trade Mark Monitoring

Trade mark investigation of a particular industry can reveal new local or overseas competitors and industry wide trends.  Industry trade mark surveillance is configured to search the relevant Nice Classes (goods & services) that represent your industry. The report will give you insights into certain trends and visibility of potential infringements on your mark. Due to the sheer volume of new applications, weekly or fortnightly surveillance is recommended.

Competitor Trade Mark Monitoring

Monitoring of your competitor’s trade mark(s) activities can give you an early warning sign of the lodgement of new products or services by your competitor. In any market but certainly in those that are highly competitive, this can be a critical advantage for strategic decision making.

Corporate Brand Monitoring

Our brand monitoring package is any variation or combination of the above listed services.

If you are interested in our brand monitoring service, please let us know so we can give you a tailored quote for your specific requirements.

Customs Trade Mark Monitoring

Customs trade mark monitoring is vital to prevent the importation of counterfeit products into Australia. IP Service International work closely with the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service that will seize goods that appear to or infringe a registered Australian trade mark.

Investigation Services

We provide comprehensive market surveillance for counterfeit goods and trade mark non-use investigations in Australia.

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